My new helmet will not charge.

    When the batteries reach a critically low charge the protective circuit will put them in a safe mode. There is a simple process to revive the batteries and we’ve made a quick video demonstrating the procedure.

    T2 Charging Problem from Torch Apparel on Vimeo.



    The tracking number issued does not work.

      Tracking information may take up to one day from the time of your order to appear in the tracking search results.


      Where can I return my helmet for a refund?

        Your Torch helmet must be returned to the original place of purchase. If you purchased your helmet from www.torchapparel.eu please see our returns policy here >


        My helmet needs to be replaced due to a malfunction, how can I arrange to return it?

          Please contact our customer support team at hello@torchapparel.com to arrange for a return.


          What is your return policy if the helmet does not fit?

            We offer full refunds for the purchase price of the helmet once it is returned in the original condition and packaging.


            My dial adjuster broke, can I get a new adjuster or helmet?

              Please contact our customer support team at hello@torchapparel.com to receive a replacement part.


              How many lumens are the front lights?

                The lights of the T2 are meant to spread light in all directions to make you visible to motorists, not to light your path. Lumens are determined by the power of the light source and the degree of angle the light is focused to therefor we do not rate our lights in Lumens.


                I lost my charge cable, where can I buy another?

                  You can purchase a replacement cable at here.


                  What do the blinking red lights mean?

                    When the lights are turned off the red battery indicator light will blink 1 – 4 times each indicating a 25% charge left in the battery. 4 blinks indicates a fully charged battery.

                    Torch T2 Battery Level Indicator Demo from Torch Apparel on Vimeo.