The M1: The World's Brightest Bike Helmet

The M1 Helmet from Torch

We’ve been busy these last few months, back in development mode working on the world’s brightest bike helmet, the M1. 

Ever since launching our first helmet, we’ve listened to our backers and our latest helmet is designed for trail, rural and urban riders. It’s the first bike helmet with an integrated 500 lumen headlight and taillight that lights your path and keeps you visible, with a 30 degree wide beam. The helmet has added ventilation, a removable visor and a front light capable of lighting your path. 

The M1 is about those off-road biking experiences, and making sure you can max out on adrenaline highs by giving you a helmet to navigate night riding, or simply to help you light the night and be seen by others.

The rechargeable and removable light is integrated seamlessly into the M1, giving the helmet its unique sleek appearance as well as ensuring the positioning of the light allowing you to focus the beam where you need it.

Watch the video below to see the M1 in action > 


Our crowdfunding campaign for the M1 is coming soon, to save up to 50% on the cost of one of these awesome helmets simply sign up via email or Facebook click here. 

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