Summer Color, New Retailers, Awards and More

With over a year since my last blog post and most of our updates going onto our social media platforms, I have finally listened to the requests of posting more regularly to our own blog, so here goes!

First, we have a new color to the line up, Hot Orange! It is available in Europe now and will be available once our inventory clears customs during the first week of July. You can see more views of it in the Shop.

Torch Helmet Orange


Our team on both sides of the Atlantic have been hard at work adding new retail partners over the past few months so we have added a Store Locator section to our site that you may find in the footer of our site or here. We will continue to update this page as we add more retailers throughout the year. If you have a favorite store near you that you think would be interested in carrying Torch products, please let us know at If they decide to make a purchase we'll send you a 25% off coupon for your help.

This brings me to my next point and that is we would like to start a Torch Bearer program soon. We will be putting together some ideas how it will work and reaching out to those who have expressed interest. If you would like to be contacted when the time comes, please email us at, subject Torch Bearer and we will make sure to include you when the time is right.

Our entire team are proud to announce we have received our second design award for the Torch T2  bike helmet. This is especially meaningful to me since design is my background and passion. To have others give us the respect and recognition of an international design award means so much and for that I am grateful, yet not quite as much as when I receive an email from one of you declaring how much you love your Torch helmet and how safe you feel while riding with it.

Lastly, the more. We are nearing the end of development of our next big launch, the mountain bike helmet. I had hoped to have some cool video teasers to share, but the Gopro just did not want to cooperate this week. Next time. Either way we will be making an announcement soon with some more details and our plans for launching. We will of course be looking to do a crowdfunder for it since that is how our brand was born, but mainly we have come to love the feedback and chance to improve our designs before they even go to production from your feedback.

Until next time (hopefully not a year from now) please check out our more frequent mentions on our facebook, Instagram and Twitter (which is not intended for customer service, people)!

Have a great weekend, have a happy Independence Day and ride on!


Nathan Wills

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