People are starting to notice

As we approach the launch of our Indiegogo campaign we are building our media assets, imagery, and videos to ensure that we capture all of the features and benefits of the city focused TorchONE helmet. It has been more fun than I thought. Getting stopped in the streets and asked about the helmet by passers-by has been a real vote of confidence. You can sketch, design, and make plans in a closed office away from real feedback but customer opinion and sentiment are what makes brands like ours successful.

We have always prided ourselves in being a customer focused company. When we first launched our T2 helmet, it was based on customer feedback, and since then we have tweaked, pivoted, and remained true to our roots and core values. The new TorchONE is the next step in that journey.

 You will see that we have chosen to steer clear of adding technology such as indicators for directional lighting or phone connectivity. If you cycle in a busy city, you will understand why this makes sense. There are distractions and lights and noises everywhere, flashing, blinking, potentially distracting riders and drivers alike. One false move or erroneous signal from a lit helmet could be potentially fatal. Our priority, and complete focus, is for riders to be seen, especially at night or poorly lit conditions. Second guessing drivers’ intentions is hard enough whilst cycling in busy streets, without trying to indicate your own intentions through technology. Observing the Highway Code basics and riding defensively and being cautious when interacting with other road users is always the best way to get to your destination safely. 



We mentioned that people are starting to notice the TorchONE. The main things that they are noticing are the new styling and the impressive size of the lights.



We are very pleased that the TorchONE was singled out as a concept finalist at the 2020 EuroBike Awards. The TorchONE boasts a streamlined, aerodynamic design and only weighs 382 grams. We believe that designs should be clean, and that operation should be simple and we have taken a broad range of influences to create a new style. Whilst we wanted to ensure the helmet remains complimentary to city wear, we also wanted our new helmet to be versatile for both on and off-road riding, with and without lights attached, and applicable to a variety of bike styles.

Light size

The size of the light on the TorchONE is taking many people by surprise which is rewarding as it was one of the key features that we focused on with the new design. The TorchONE will have the largest light display currently available. You can see from our films how bright the light is and how easily it can be seen in oncoming traffic.  Designed to provide 360° visibility, these are the largest lights to ever be fitted onto a bike helmet, ensuring that they are sufficiently visible, even in bad weather. Attach the lights when you need, and the lights can run 24/7, and detach them during the day for extra ventilation, if required.


A Founder's Perspective

Torch Apparel Founder, Nathan Wills, “We knew that our customers loved the clean design, and simplicity of ourT1 and T2 helmet series, but they wanted a year-round solution. The TorchONE embraces the best of our T1 and T2 designs, whilst allowing the rider to choose whether to ride with lights in place, or not. The TorchONE’s unique design looks fantastic in daylight and represents the largest available lighting solution for riding at night.   We believe that designs should be clean, and operation should be simple. We chose to steer clear of adding technology which often serves to confuse and distract riders and drivers alike. The TorchONE represents our view that riders should be seen to be safe, but should follow the rules of the road when it comes to riding safely and signalling their intent.” 

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