M1 Helmet Update

First and foremost we would like to thank you all for supporting and backing our campaign.

It's incredibly painful to have to do this, but we will be canceling our Indiegogo campaign.

While we achieved our funding goal to pay for tooling expenses, we haven’t reached the minimum number required to launch production. This minimum number is set by our manufacturing partners and even if they agreed to make a smaller batch than initially planned, the production cost will be too high to deliver Torch M1 at the Indiegogo price.

We are very disappointed to not launch production right now but it’s more important to us to make sure that we can deliver on quality and at the best price.

We are immensely thankful for all of your support during this campaign and all the nice comments you made about Torch M1. We are extremely sorry to not be able to deliver this time around, but we have gained valuable insight that will assist in our continued development of high-quality products for cyclists.


The Torch Apparel team

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