Copenhagen: a city built for bikes

Torch Apparel cycling in Copenhagen with the T2 bike helmet

We headed to Copenhagen recently and were in awe of how cycling is a big part of city life. From our visit we understood why Copenhagen has been voted the best cycle city for two years running.

The Danes have got something right with their 350kms of cycle paths and lanes that are safe and easy to navigate, particularly as many of them are raised from the road. This has helped make cycling become a common and indeed preferred means of transport - you can often see people in suits, heels or skirts, even a man with a fridge in his cargo bike effortlessly pedalling past!

Being able to cycle freely meant we could easily explore places and sights in Copenhagen, as well as helping us feel more like a local.

Torch Apparel cycling in Copenhagen

There’s no need to bring your own wheels (we did take our T2 helmet though), as there are lots of bike rental shops around the city. You can expect to pay around 75kr ($8.50/£6.50) for one day’s rental and 350kr ($40/£31) for a week.

We’re already planning our return trip to get the most out of this bike-crazy city!

You can find out more and discover Denmark on a bike here > 

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