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The Day Has Finally Come!
Midnight Edition

Hi soon to be Torch bearers! It is finally with an exhausted sigh that I can say our first partial order of helmets will be shipping from our manufacturer this Saturday! 

This first batch will only include the Midnight Editions, but it's a start. The factory will be closing for a couple of weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and will complete the remainder of the first order and ship to us by the end of March. 

I know those of you who are waiting on a T1 will be frustrated for the additional wait, and we hear you. We tried very hard to get everything through production before the break, but Torch was bumped from the production line several times in order for the factory to handle a larger, more expensive order. This is one of the unfortunate consequences of being a new and small company, but we know we aren't the only Kickstarter that has had to deal with this.

We are very excited to begin getting these in the hands of the people that made this all possible, and hope that you will send us your photos and feedback as you begin to receive your helmets. We will soon be launching a new website and will be creating a page that will honor all of you with a list of Kickstarter names and all of the photos you can send us. If anyone does not wish to appear on the list of supporters, please send me a message and we will respect your privacy. 

I'll keep you all updated as the helmets arrive at US customs and hopefully clear without any issues and will provide some pics as we have our first shipping party, woo hoo!

Excited, tired, and relentlessly determined